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The Giza Pyramids World Heritage Site Rehabilitation Plan commenced in January 2009 and comprises a Heritage Plan to conserve both built and natural heritage by; pedestrianizing the Pyramid Precinct and rerouting of all vehicular traffic; relocating structures that severely alter the nature of the heritage site; and relocating all horse-riding and recreation activities from the Pyramid Precinct to the Environs.

A Visitor Plan aims to provide an improved visitor experience, through the provision of; Visitor Information Centre and services; Culture & Children’s Centre ; Environmentally friendly dotto on a special route; Viewing plateaus, “Panoramas”; Walkways at points of high pedestrian traffic; Information & restroom points on the visitor route; Bazaar & Retail outlets at designated areas.

The site is divided in to the Pyramid Precinct, that holds most of the Giza monuments, and the Environs, which includes sites of archaeological digs and a buffer zone to protect the core site.

Giza Pyramids World Heritage Site

Client: Supreme Council of Antiquity 
Location: GIza
Year: 2008 - 
Status: Implementation
The full Study for the project can be found here

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