Always... Great Egypt
Language: Arabic
Publishing Date: 2012
Available in a printed copy
Salah Higab

In this book, the architect Salah Higab presents the summary of his experience and his vision of architecture and urbanism in Egypt by presenting some of his articles that were published in the Egyptian press during the past twenty years, considering that these articles touch on issues that deserve to remain valid now as a field of constructive dialogue for a better tomorrow. We hope together for Egypt the place and the population. The book consists of five chapters:

  • Urban rules
  • About Cairo and the Egyptian Street
  • About housing and new cities
  • Development
  • Some of the people of Egypt

The architect presents his book with the following words:

Because God has appointed humans over the earth to inhabit it..

Egypt was a land and population, a historical beginning for the reconstruction of the land..

Egypt, with its geographical location and demographic reality, includes its above-ground and underground components. It is formed from regions that have their demographic and economic components that integrate to form the economic, political, and social entity of Egypt, the place, the population, and the administration of justice for the sake of the Egyptian person now and in the future. The land of Egypt is a deposit with the administration in Egypt locally and centrally for sustainable development above it within the framework of development plans that achieve visions that are acceptable to the people and are disposed of through policies adopted by the authority entrusted with approving the development plans when they are approved and acted in the light of them by the authorities that have jurisdiction over the lands, which are empowering, motivating and following up To ensure development within the time period specified in the development plans.

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