Architecture and Urbanism are the cause and source.
The building and the city are the result and the product.

The dialectical relationship between cause and effect depicts and guarantees the existence of the community, while architecture and urbanism portray its initial manifestation. Together, they carry this mission as long as they have the ability. They become liberated from their material status, their incidence and, occurrence. They continue, and when either or both are separated, they become surpassed by society and time, and end by the final return to oblivion, whether they are physically existing, or dilapidated ruins, but in reality they become absent.
In this regard, mechanisms may be defined along two channels:
Hypothesis: Through research, which relies on an inductive and analytical approach of reality of cases regarding certain urban communities, a specific urban cluster or a detailed humanitarian case.
Application: implementing inventive architectural and urban design plans, through the possible and available operational manner to tackle issues that might rise at various levels of the community as a whole and even those of the individual.
And here, Tarek Waly Center Architecture & Heritage introduce some literature of studies and research which had been produced through our professional practice, which also study and analyze many architectural & urban issues in our Arab region.
Urban Studies
Development of Existing Urban Communities
Development of Existing City
Upgrading Unplanned Area
Development of New Urban Communities
Development of New City
Development of Residential Area
Heritage Studies
Development & Rehabilitation of Heritage Buildings
Development & Rehabilitation of Heritage & Historic Sites
Development & Rehabilitation of Heritage & Historic Cities