A Question... Towards Change within the Arab Society
Language: Arabic
Publishing Date: 2012
Available in a printed copy
Shimaa Shaheen

The uprisings of the Arab peoples, starting in January 2011, have brought back to many of our Arab peoples the hope that our nation will rise again and that through the struggle of its children it will be able to get rid of the restrictions that bind it. It also brought back to us a sense of the value of the individual, and that one person can change the fate of a nation.

“A Question... Towards Change within the Arab Society” is it an attempt to understand what is happening around us? How can we achieve the change we want?? A question that imposes its existence, and I do not claim that I have reached definitive answers, but it is only the beginning of the search for the answer to the question.. and I discovered during that beginning that there are many who have devoted their lives to searching for answers to many questions, all of which seek to renaissance the Arab world, and I realized the value of my participation in that search journey with others.

The state of confusion and disorientation that possessed us all while we were facing the challenge of changing our reality clearly declared that the matter is more than having ready solutions or definitive answers.. and that the blood of the martyrs that shed for freedom and social justice was just the beginning of a lot of effort and sacrifices that this nation needs to rise again..

Shimaa Shaheen

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